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It’s likely you don’t have analysis that enables informed marketing decisions.

Reporting and dashboards are important, but they lack the insight that reveals what is truly happening and recommendations on which actions should be taken next.

What marketing leaders really need is better analysis.
- Evidence to support decisions on whether to grow or eliminate a product.
- Know where to best spend incremental media.
- ROI assessment for that new tech project.
- Testing to know whether a new offer is working.

When you have a great marketing analyst on your team, it's easy to see the difference.  Executive decisions are made with confidence and results are reviewed in a disciplined approach.

The Problem: finding an experienced analyst to join your team is expensive, time intensive to hire/train, and risky.  Once you do find an analyst, they may not perform to your standards.


In 2015, a group of experienced marketers developed the idea of an analyst team for hire.  Directade is not an agency or consultant group in a traditional sense.  Instead we see ourselves as marketing analyst partners - similar to accountants or lawyers you would hire to provide advice over a period of time.

Directade addresses client needs covering Customer LTV, profitability, ROI, media budgets/allowables, and operations.

Through this blog we will be digging deeper into each of these topics over the next few months.  Please leave us a comment and tell us what interests you most.